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August 15th, 2010

08:01 pm: news!
So, several pieces of exciting news:

1. Steve and I are engaged
2. We bought a house
3. I dyed my hair black again

You can feel free to put them in order of importance!

Still teaching in Copiague and busy planning our wedding, which will be on April 17th immediately followed by a honeymoon in Great Exuma. This summer I taught a poetry class for a week through the Long Island Writing Project and worked rather obsessively on the house, which looks great. We're finally in Nassau and closer to everyone we love and the city, do we've been taking advantage of hanging with Melissa and Chris and my parents. The drive to Steve's fam is muuuuch easier now, by about an hour. Have to love Hempstead!

Here are some of our engagement photos by the lovely Sandra Velasquez!

February 16th, 2010

08:25 am: I am sewing and listening to Hem. How adorable.

August 16th, 2009

08:57 pm: Steve and I got home from Ireland yesterday. It was AMAZING... we just had such a great time and learned so much... I will really miss spending so much time with him! Back to work for him tomorrow, and on to school work for me - I need to prepare my 11th grade curriculum. I plan to do this by the pool. ;)

June 27th, 2009

11:52 pm: So, it's been crazy!

My father had a hemorrhagic stroke on May 1st. He was in the hospital/rehab through Memorial Day. He's home now and just doign so incredibly well. The doctor's said he might not fully recover his ability to speak, but I'd say he's almost there already. He called me yesterday to tell me (!) that his speech therapist told him he's doing better than could be expected. I am so, incredibly proud of him. We are extremely blessed to still have him and to have gone through this monumental learning experience together. We had a Disney trip planned for this week, but we decided to delay it until next year at this time.

Today, Steve and I booked our August Ireland trip! We did Paris last summer, and we want to do one European destination per summer. I've already started mapping out our driving route (of course, because I'm anal!). We're super excited!

And I have bangs again! A result of emotional trauma, admittedly, but everyone seems to love them, so it's a good thing! (Too bad I don't know how to rotate the picture!)

April 14th, 2009

04:54 pm: Rest in Peace, Phantom

Loyal, loving, a gift from God to our family.

You were and are the best cat a girl could have. You are loved and missed, baby girl.

Current Mood: crushedcrushed

April 7th, 2009

05:31 pm: I have this week off from work.

Thank God.

March 25th, 2009

10:49 pm: The world is full of zippers in need of mending, at least from my perspective....

"Sound of Music" opens tomorrow.

I am tired and home earlier than the last two nights by an hour because I had to make a Walmart run and couldn't face going back... previews tomorrow!

Wish us broken legs!

March 15th, 2009

12:43 am: Sewing Machine
The title of this entry refers to me.

Copiague High School's production of "Sound of Music" is under two weeks away, and I am in hyperdrive sewing mode. I already made the 20 (!) nun costumes over the past month or so, but now I am finishing up the white dresses with blue satin sashes... then, on to Maria's various dresses, the famous drapes and resulting wardrobe for the VonTrapp kids, and whatever else I forgot right now. I am enjoying doing this for the kids, but the amount of creating work needed for this show (compared to ast year when we rented a lot of costumes) means that I have been at rehearsals very infrequently. I miss hanging out with the kids and my Slotted Spoons, but I hope to be there every day for Hell Week, even if I have to drag my sewing machine with me! Steve helped me out today by doing some pinning for me...I am sure I can find some creative way of paying him back for the help.

Work is going very well, even though my 8th period class makes me feel like Liz Lemon and alternately makes me want to cry and laugh. Layoffs are in the works, but my position as an inclusion teacher seems to have saved me from budget cuts. I'm up for tenure in May, and my boss told me she put in my recommendation already, so we're good to go!

I'm heading to DC to lobby for the LIWP in April. I cannot wait. I am hoping to lead the summer insitute again this year, but Melanie hasn't told me for sure yet. We planned our Disney trip with my parents around the summer schedule, either way. We're also planning our Ireland trip for August - Steve got a nice tax return, so we'll book it soon.

Okay, back to the sweatshop.

Current Music: SNL

February 16th, 2009

11:39 am:

Stephen and I exchanged V-Day gifts on Saturday before we sat down to eat breakfast and watch "Life of Brian" (yeah, we're nerds). He bought me the usual flowers (he always get me yellow roses because they are my favorite) and a gift bag. The Lonley Island CD was at the top of the gift bag, so we were laughing over that for a while. Then, I realized there was a jewelry box in the bag too, so I reached in and open it. I was sort of in shock at first but not sure what was going on, since it's really not engagement ring-ish... so Stephen told me it's a promise ring and it makes official that he is asking me to marry him, but he wants to get me the "real thing" and it's going to take him some time to save. He was like "I've gotta lock that down" (which is what Stevie Cee always tells him, lol). So, here we are! I jumped on top of him so hard that he banged his head on something, which wasn't good. I told him when the official proposal comes, we have to make sure there are no sharp objects around!

I feel very spoiled, actually. I get two proposals and two rings! Plus (and most importantly), I get Stephen, who is, honestly, the love of my life. I am blessed.

February 14th, 2009

03:10 pm: Engaged!
Or, pre-engaged, anyway! Stephen gave me a promise ring this morning. So, we're officially getting married - he just wants to save up and give me a "proper" engagement ring. My promise ring is white gold with white and champagne diamonds. Seems pretty proper to me! ;)

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